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Increase productivity with forms on phones & tablets

The Mobile Forms App enables mobile users to receive dispatched forms from the office, collect vital work data in the field and submit complete, media-rich and error-free forms, anywhere and in real time.
* works on iOS, Android, BlackBerry & Windows

Mobile Forms App Features

  • Dispatching – Dispatch forms like work orders to field users via the Mobile Forms Web Portal and avoid wasted trips back to the office.
  • Signature, picture & barcode capture – Collect authorization via signature capture right on your device using the touch screen. Add a picture to your form to provide a real image of on-site inspections, installations, audits, verifications and problem situations. Scan QR and barcodes from the device and include them right into your forms.
  • Sketch Pad – You can sketch on a blank canvas, pre-loaded image or device image. All sketches are integrated into your mobile form.
  • Offline form functionality – Fill out and send forms with or without connectivity on site. Forms are auto-sent once network is restored.
  • Credit card processing – Accept credit card processing on your mobile device with Mobile Forms and close business transactions on the spot (North America only).
  • Fully compatible – The Mobile Forms App works on (almost) any device and operating system, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or on a Web browser.
  • GPS and time stamps – Quick and simple location and time verification using GPS and time stamps. Confirm the location of job sites, customer visits, time of arrival and work performed.
  • External data sources – Embed your business data into your mobile forms with our Data Connections options. Provide your field teams with real-time access to your office data, right into their forms (such as customer information, pricing & part numbers, manuals).
  • Auto-calculations – Lost track of time? Automatically calculate the start time, end time, or time spent on a given job.
    Need an estimate? Compute totals and get results immediately. Perform calculations within forms and confirm quotes.
  • Advanced input controls & Skip Logic – Control how you input data into your forms using dropdown lists, text fields as well as quick select features such as radio buttons, multi-selects or true/false options. Use Skip Logic to create sophisticated forms that can take specific paths, depending on answers to different field selections.
  • Calendar integration – Send an event invitation via an emailed form and enable recipients to accept and auto-schedule events into their mail calendar.
  • Voice-to-text – Dictate text right into the form using your mobile device’s voice-to-text capabilities (available on iOS and Android only)
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