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Improve quality of service and compliance tracking

The Mobile Forms Web Portal is the administration interface of Mobile Forms, enabling managers to customize, mobilize and monitor all business processes in real time.

Mobile Forms Web Portal Features

  • Create unlimited custom mobile forms – Create your own mobile forms with the intuitive Form Builder, entirely customized to your business needs. Design from scratch or edit a template from our extensive Forms Library. Your forms are private, they can only be seen and used by your team members.
  • Dispatch – Improve speed and data accuracy – Dispatch your forms, like work orders, to the field via the Mobile Forms Web Portal. Partially filled-in forms can be dispatched to individuals or group of workers, who then complete them and avoid unnecessary trips back to the office.
  • Generate Custom branded PDFs – Create custom templates with your logo, colors and presentation that generate beautiful PDFs of your completed mobile forms. Automatically email PDF forms to managers, to clients, or to cloud services.
  • Big Data Intelligence with Mobile Forms Analytics – Take your Business Intelligence to the next level with the Mobile Forms Analytics optional add-on. Access powerful analytics capabilities and better monetize and interpret enterprise data.
  • Set up your data connections – Manage your form submissions and data. Set up exports to email, FTP or HTTP (PUT and POST) in various formats (PDF, DOC, CSV or XML). Connect your data to third-party platforms including SharePoint, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Amazon S3 and Zendesk.
  • Manage users and groups – Quickly manage and organize your mobile workers into useful groups based on region, forms or business process. Update groups with changes to form data and add or remove users as your organization changes. Administrators can also enable trusted users to manage select FormSpaces and user groups, without giving them access to more sensitive forms and data.
  • Proof of Location and Time – Need proof of delivery? Want to track customer orders, time and location information? Confirm site visits and cross-check them with the captured information. GPS and time stamps and other controls allow Mobile Forms to map and time-verify the form records – so you can see where and when the information was collected.
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