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GPS Fleet Management

Take control of your fleet and assets with the latest in GPS tracking and reporting technology. FM GPS is respected industry-wide as the most scalable and customizable solution for fleets of any size and for all mobile assets.

FM GPS is one of the leading providers of solutions in the AVL/GPS tracking industry. We are consistently introducing new wireless platforms, shaping the future for asset/fleet management and changing the way people do business. FM GPS provides you with the services and applications that you need to be more productive and responsive to today’s increasing industry demands.

Who We Are

We develop, implement, and distribute electronic monitoring and tracking systems which offer many flexible options for any business in any vertical market. If you have mobile employees, vehicles, or assets, FM GPS is for you. We provide an accurate and affordable means of tracking and interacting with your workforce. With compact mobile devices and tablets, combined with the extensive coverage of today’s wireless networks, we enable users to track and monitor virtually anything; not just where cellular service is available, but anywhere you can see the sky. The end result is improved security, productivity, and a superior customer experience.

Our unique advantage is our flexibility and ability to provide simple, easy-to-use applications that exceed the needs of any business. We can track virtually any mobile device, black box, or package. We can work with any network, with any device. We can streamline your processes with routing, dispatching, communication, and electronic form creation, all from one device. It’s that simple. With FM GPS, you see all your assets on one screen in a simple to operate, modular, scalable, and powerful application.

Our in-house development team is always developing leading edge technology to allow us to exceed our clients’ expectations. No matter where your business goes FM GPS can help you get there. Contact us to get FM GPS working for you today.

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