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Security & Surveillance

LVM Security is Canada’s top choice among alarm companies, with security systems created using industry-leading technology designed for the protection of your property. Our goal is to automate and streamline your home or property’s security and maintenance.

Revolutionary wireless solutions cut installation costs drastically and function even during blackouts. Many insurance providers offer policy discounts as high as 20% for protected properties. LVM monitoring solutions provide around the clock security: an unsurpassable value bringing our clients the peace of mind to sleep comfortably every night.

Peace of mind has never been more affordable.


Your most important assets are our top priority. Unfortunately, most Canadians take the reactive approach by adding a security system only after an incident has occurred – help prevent this from happening and talk to an expert LVM Security consultant today and get started with alarm monitoring for just $15/month!


Custom commercial security solutions


LVM Security provides standalone or fully integrated security solutions for businesses of any size. Whether large or small, a single location or multiple sites, LVM Security has the experience and expertise to meet your unique requirements. We offer recording, monitoring, access controls, remote maintenance, and automation.

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