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Specializing in Enterprise level clientele for over 20 years, LVM Tech offers exceptional service and support. We guarantee the most cost effective solution based on the needs and requirements of your business.

Through innovative ideas and experienced consultants, LVM Tech can help to successfully increase productivity of your users and decrease your overall costs, which will ultimately impact your bottom line.

Some of our services include:

  • Regular review (quarterly, annually) – to keep your expenses under control
  • Management Reporting – so you know what you’re spending and why
  • Streamlined support and hardware purchasing – one point of contact for dedicated support
  • Plan optimization – pay only for what you need
  • Powerful apps and tools – electronic forms, mobile tracking, and mobile device management

Saving money through plan optimization and cost audit is simply the first step. Your company can experience greater savings and greater control by getting information in the hands of those that need it while controlling growth and capital costs.

Furthermore, our powerful apps and tools allow you to streamline your operations with electronic forms (eliminate paperwork and instantly transmit data to and from your office), mobile device tracking (detailed tracking and reporting on all field agent activity and movement), and mobile device management (remotely secure, control, and manage all of your mobile devices to maximize productivity and safeguard you data).

Simplicity through a Single Point of Contact

  • Calling one place for all your hardware activation needs
  • Prevent over-paying on your wireless services (through quarterly bill review)
  • Speak with a live person in real time for any escalations
  • Direct line of contact, 1 number to dial (no waiting on hold with an automated IVR)

Dedicated Support

  • Having your people taken care of with their technical challenges
  • Calling support that knows your company, policies and users
  • Not having to sit on long holds with the carrier ever again
  • Simplified invoicing
  • Our Contact Information

    • Office Hours
      Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm
    • Mailing Address
      1788 Drew Rd., Suite 210, Mississauga, ON L5S 1L7
    • Phone and Fax
      1-800-964-4551 (phone)
      1-866-802-8186 (fax)

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